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      MDEV-8469 Add RESET MASTER TO x to allow specification of binlog file nr Manual check MDEV-8574
      MDEV-8419 utf32: compare broken bytes as "greater than any non-broken character" ?  
      MDEV-8418 utf16: compare broken bytes as "greater than any non-broken character" ?  
      MDEV-8417 utf8mb4: compare broken bytes as "greater than any non-broken character" ?  
      MDEV-8416 ucs2: compare broken bytes as "greater than any non-broken character" ?  
      MDEV-8415 utf8: compare broken bytes as "greater than any non-broken character" ?  
      MDEV-8272 Encryption performance: Reduce the number of unused memcpy's ?  
      MDEV-8215 Asian MB3 charsets: compare broken bytes as "greater than any non-broken character" ?  
      MDEV-8214 Asian MB2 charsets: compare broken bytes as "greater than any non-broken character" ?  
      MDEV-8202 st_select_lex::master_unit() takes 0.17% in OLTP RO Regression tests  
      MDEV-8199 first_breadth_first_tab() takes 0.07% in OLTP RO Regression tests  
      MDEV-8192 THD::set_command() takes 0.05% in OLTP RO Regression tests  
      MDEV-8191 THD::set_query() takes 0.07% in OLTP RO Regression tests  
      MDEV-8126 encryption for temp files TODO-699  
      MDEV-8043 innodb tablespace encryption TODO-699 MDEV-8589 MDEV-8588 MDEV-8591
      MDEV-8041 InnoDB redo log encryption TODO-699 MDEV-8586
      MDEV-8040 make aria encryption use real keys TODO-699 MDEV-8587 MDEV-8592
      MDEV-8001 mysql_reset_thd_for_next_command() takes 0.04% in OLTP RO Regression tests  
      MDEV-7999 PROFILING routines take 0.2% when profiling disabled Regression tests  
      MDEV-7832 Add status variables to track CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE and DROP TEMPORARY TABLE Manual check
      MDEV-7811 EXPLAIN/ANALYZE FORMAT=JSON should show subquery cache ?  
      MDEV-7728 Improve xid cache scalability by using lock-free hash (was: Spiral patch 032...) Regression tests  
      MDEV-7725 Spiral patch 028_mariadb-10.0.15.xa_commit_error.diff Regression tests  
      MDEV-7715 Spiral patch 017_mariadb-10.0.15.get_error_at_commit.diff Regression tests  
      MDEV-7671 Cache VIEW definitions in the TDC Regression tests  
      MDEV-7619 Improve long semaphore wait output Regression tests  
      MDEV-7618 Improve semaphore instrumentation Regression tests  
      MDEV-7615 Remove --galera-sst-mode option from mysqldump  
      MDEV-7476 Allow SELECT to succeed even when node is not ready  
      MDEV-7472 Implementation of user statements for handling the xtradb changed page bitmaps Manual check add to random
      MDEV-7437 remove suport for "atomics" with rwlocks Regression tests  
      MDEV-7399 Add support for INFORMATION_SCHEMA.INNODB_MUTEXES Manual, regression tests
      MDEV-7325 make lf_hash_delete(), lf_hash_search(), and lf_hash_iterator() never to return OOM Regression tests  
      MDEV-7324 Lock-free hash for table definition cache Regression tests  
      MDEV-7287 VIEW: CREATE IF NOT EXISTS Manual check Add to random
      MDEV-7286 TRIGGER: CREATE OR REPLACE, CREATE IF NOT EXISTS Manual check Add to random
      MDEV-7285 SERVER: CREATE OR REPLACE and CREATE IF NOT EXISTS Manual check Add to random
      MDEV-7284 INDEX: CREATE OR REPLACE Manual check Add to random
      MDEV-7282 SP: CREATE OR REPLACE, CREATE IF NOT EXISTS Manual check Add to random
      MDEV-7281 EVENT: CREATE OR REPLACE Manual check Add to random
      MDEV-7280 DATABASE: CREATE OR REPLACE Manual check Add to random
      MDEV-7257 Dump Thread Enhancements Regression tests  
      MDEV-7223 Iterator for LF_HASH Regression tests  
      MDEV-7201 [PATCH] parallel threads resizing - potential race condition to access freed memory TODO-577  
      MDEV-7198 [PATCH] status variable for Slave_skipped_errors Manual check
      MDEV-7112 Split HA_CREATE_INFO Regression tests  
      MDEV-7110 Add missing MySQL variable log_bin_basename and log_bin_index ?  
      MDEV-7108 Made long semaphore wait timeout configurable ?  
      MDEV-7062 parser refactoring: don't store field properties in LEX Regression tests  
      MDEV-7061 Augment innochecksum to give insight of fragmentation ?  
      MDEV-7053 WSREP_STATUS & WSREP_MEMBERSHIP I_S tables Regression tests  
      MDEV-7004 Merge scalability fixes from 10.0-power Regression tests  
      MDEV-6999 Remove or deprecate unused variables Manual check MDEV-8225
      MDEV-6981 [PATCH] feature request MASTER_GTID_WAIT status variables TODO-414  
      MDEV-6980 OUT parameters in PREPARE Manual check
      MDEV-6979 simplify trigger rules for RBR triggers MDEV-6962  
      MDEV-6936 Buffer pool list scan optimization Regression tests  
      MDEV-6935 Change the default value for innodb_log_compressed_pages to false ?  
      MDEV-6932 Enable Lazy Flushing Regression tests  
      MDEV-6929 Port Facebook Prefix Index Queries Optimization Regression tests  
      MDEV-6918 Create a way to see a user's default role MDEV-5164  
      MDEV-6906 Relaxed memory order for counters Regression tests  
      MDEV-6895 switch to dynamic libjemalloc.so  
      MDEV-6894 Enable SEQUENCE engine by default Manual check
      MDEV-6877 Merge binlog_row_image from MySQL 5.6 Manual, random MDEV-8426 MDEV-8408
      MDEV-6858 enforce_storage_engine option Manual, regression tests MDEV-8576 MDEV-8577 MDEV-8578
      MDEV-6812 Merge Kakao: Add global status variables which tell you the progress of inplace alter table and row log buffer usage ?  
      MDEV-6731 No ALGORITHM information in I_S.VIEWS Manual check
      MDEV-6712 THD specifics for plugins ?  
      MDEV-6693 Atomic operations with explicit memory barrier Regression tests  
      MDEV-6676 Optimistic parallel replication TODO-577  
      MDEV-6594 Use separate domain_id for Galera transactions  
      MDEV-6593 domain_id based replication filters ?  
      MDEV-6559 Difference between 5.6 & 10.1 UNION execution ?  
      MDEV-6513 deprecate engine_condition_pushdown value of the @@optimizer_switch Manual check MDEV-8225
      MDEV-6480 Remove conditions for which range optimizer returned SEL_ARG::IMPOSSIBLE. Regression tests  
      MDEV-6431 password validation Manual check MDEV-8226 MDEV-8227 cracklib
      MDEV-6418 Remove #ifdef-s wrapping the slave_run_triggers_for_rbr feature MDEV-6962  
      MDEV-6415 reenable RBR triggers in 10.1 MDEV-6962  
      MDEV-6388 ANALYZE $stmt output in the slow query log MDEV-6422  
      MDEV-6382 ANALYZE $stmt and security MDEV-6422  
      MDEV-6311 Add errors on CREATE SERVER Manual check
      MDEV-6248 GUI-friendly cmake options to enable/disable plugins ?  
      MDEV-6247 Merge Galera into 10.1 Regression tests  
      MDEV-6246 Merge 10.0.10-FusionIO to 10.1 Regression tests  
      MDEV-6172 Monitor progress of ALTER TABLE ... ADD INDEX, ALGORITHM=INPLACE for InnoDB ?  
      MDEV-6138 show sysvar's help in I_S tables Manual check, sysvars* tests, regression tests MDEV-8579
      MDEV-6137 better help for SET/ENUM sysvars Manual check MDEV-8580
      MDEV-6109 EXPLAIN JSON ?  
      MDEV-6108 update userstat feature from percona server ?  
      MDEV-6107 merge default_tmp_storage_engine Manual check MDEV-8581
      MDEV-6089 MySQL WL#7305 "Improve MDL scalability by using lock-free hash" Regresion tests  
      MDEV-6075 Allow > 16K pages on InnoDB ?  
      MDEV-6069 Remove old logic for 3.23-to-higher upgrades from upgrade SQL scripts ?  
      MDEV-6039 WebScaleSQL patches Regression tests  
      MDEV-6037 MDL optimizations from 5.7 Regression tests  
      MDEV-5871 support assisted discovery in oqgraph v3 ?  
      MDEV-5834 Merge Kakao Defragmentation implementation to MariaDB 10.1
      MDEV-5803 Filter replication by GTID domain ID TODO-414  
      MDEV-5784 Feature: Page compression and multi-threaded flush for InnoDB/XtraDB ?  
      MDEV-5749 Please add a .pc file to MariaDB for easy use via pkg-config ?  
      MDEV-5730 enhance security using special compilation options ?  
      MDEV-5533 Backport Threadpool improvements from Percona Server Regression tests  
      MDEV-5528 Command line variable to choose MariaDB-5.3 vs MySQL-5.6 temporal data formats ?  
      MDEV-5335 Force PK option Manual check MDEV-8582
      MDEV-5317 Compound statement / anonymous blocks MDEV-6964  
      MDEV-5231 Per query variables from Percona Server [patch] MDEV-6923  
      MDEV-5214 Status variables for number of global/db/table/column/role grants Manual check question inside
      MDEV-5210 Default role MDEV-5164  
      MDEV-5095 Executing triggers on slave in row-based replication ?  
      MDEV-4921 Add a interface to mysql protocol and DAEMON plugins ?  
      MDEV-4549 [PATCH] Clean up code working with ACL tables Regression tests  
      MDEV-4427 query timeouts MDEV-6963  
      MDEV-4412 SLOW QUERY LOG - add affected rows (UPDATE / DELETE) in slow query log ?  
      MDEV-4262 P_S discovery ?  
      MDEV-4260 Don't create frm files for temporary tables ?  
      MDEV-4045 Missing OGC Spatial functions MDEV-7509  
      MDEV-4018 Feature Request: microseconds in GET_LOCK() Manual check
      MDEV-783 LP:671402 - Plugin status variables cannot distinguish SHOW GLOBAL STATUS from SHOW SESSION STATUS ?  
      MDEV-406 ANALYZE $stmt MDEV-6422  
      MDEV-334 [backport] Implement UNION ALL without usage of a temporary table (MWL#44) Regression tests  
      MDEV-250 SLOW QUERY LOG - Group queries and check total slow query Manual check
      MDEV-162 Enhanced semisync replication ?  
      MDEV-60 Support for Spatial Reference systems for the GIS data MDEV-7509  
      MDEV-13 OpenGIS: stored procedure AddGeometryColumn MDEV-7509  
      MDEV-12 OpenGIS: create required tables: GeometryColumns, related views. MDEV-7509  


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