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Merge InnoDB test cases from MySQL 5.7




      Until MDEV-11751 and MDEV-13481, the MariaDB process for merging changes from MySQL after 5.6 ignored additions to existing test cases or added test files.
      The preferred way of merging changes should be like the MySQL 5.7.19 merge: a merge of a cherry-pick of each relevant commit, and add test cases; if substantial changes to tests or code are needed, do them in separate commits.

      There are some behaviour changes in MariaDB that need to be taken into account. Most notably:

      • MariaDB 10.2 does not support CREATE TABLESPACE for InnoDB
      • MDEV-11426 Remove InnoDB INFORMATION_SCHEMA.FILES implementation
      • MDEV-11487 Revert InnoDB internal temporary tables from WL#7682
      • MDEV-5800 implemented indexed virtual columns in a slightly different way, and the InnoDB tests are in --suite=gcol
      • many startup&shutdown fixes (the innodb.log_* tests are already be present in 10.2 in modified form)
      • MDEV-13613 Dropping column from table that is part of a key fails in 10.2.8
      • MDEV-13564 made TRUNCATE TABLE and undo tablespace truncation compatible with backup
      • MDEV-14717 made renames crash-safe in InnoDB
      • MDEV-14585 Automatically remove #sql- tables in innodb dictionary during recovery

      That said, we must ensure that all applicable test cases from the following MySQL 5.7 tests are present in MariaDB 10.0:

      • main.alter_table (WL#6555 "Online rename index", DISCARD/IMPORT, index comment, …)
      • main.alter_table-big
      • innodb.*
      • innodb_zip.*
      • innodb_fts.*
      • innodb_gis.*
      • innodb_stress.* (maybe not to be run on buildbot?)

      All the affected tests should be documented in this ticket in detail (especially those that are already covered by other MariaDB tests).
      The innodb_undo tests were rewritten in MDEV-17049.


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