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Merge InnoDB test cases from MySQL 5.6



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      Until now, the MariaDB process for merging changes from MySQL 5.6 is ignoring additions to tests (new test cases or test files), even though Oracle has been publishing tests for other than security bug fixes for quite some time now.

      Several InnoDB tests are missing as a result of this. I have added some of them. Especially some tests for ALTER TABLE…ALGORITHM=INPLACE are missing.

      To make the task more challenging, some tests may have been renamed or refactored in MySQL or MariaDB. For example, the innodb_zip suite was refactored from tests in the InnoDB suite.

      Also, MariaDB supports slightly different semantics and SQL syntax than MySQL. So, some tests will necessarily be different or not applicable.

      That said, we must ensure that all applicable test cases from the following MySQL 5.6 tests are present in MariaDB 10.0:

      • main.alter_table (missing stuff like "Test for ALTER column DROP DEFAULT")
      • innodb.*
      • innodb_zip.*
      • innodb_fts.*

      All the affected tests should be documented in this ticket in detail (especially those that are already covered by other MariaDB tests).


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