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Remove innobackupex mode from Mariabackup



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      Mariabackup has an --innobackupex option, which can be used to enable innobackupex mode.


      This is a compatibility option:

      The primary purpose of innobackupex mode is to allow scripts and tools to more easily migrate to Mariabackup if they were originally designed to use the innobackupex utility that is included with Percona XtraBackup. It is not recommended to use this mode in new scripts, since it is not guaranteed to be supported forever.

      This mode is not very different from the normal mode. The listed differences are:

      • To prepare a backup, the --apply-log option is used instead of the --prepare option.
      • To create an incremental backup, the --incremental option is supported.
      • The --no-timestamp option is supported.
      • To create a partial backup, the --include option is used instead of the --tables option.
      • To create a partial backup, the --databases option can still be used, but it's behavior changes slightly.
      • The --target-dir option is not used to specify the backup directory. The backup directory should instead be specified as a standalone argument.

      These differences are not very significant, and having this extra mode is a bit confusing.

      Maybe some of the behavioral differences in innobackupex mode should be merged into Mariabackup's normal mode, and then we should remove innobackupex mode?

      UPDATE 14 Aug 2023
      This task needs to be about:

      • verifying/ensuring that all innobackupex functionality is available in the normal mode (list to be updated)
        • add "timestamp" option
        • deprecation message for innobackupex (MDEV-31505)


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