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Report issue from 2.3.x 2.4.x to 1.8.0



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    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: None
    • Fix Version/s: 1.8.0
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      Report issue from 2.3.x 2.4.x to 1.8.0:

      • CONJ-675 permit multiple alternative authentication methods for the same user (future MariaDB 10.4 feature)
      • {CONJ-678] permit indication of truststore/keystore type (JKS/PKCS12), then not relying on java default type
      • CONJ-378 GSSAPI: client can provide SPN
      • CONJ-667 Support MYSQL_TYPE_JSON datatype
      • CONJ-652 faster results buffering socket available
      • CONJ-659 improve text performance reading date/time/timestamp resultset
      • CONJ-670 ability to Refresh SSL certificate
      • CONJ-642 disable the option "useBulkStmts" by default

      Minor changes

      • CONJ-628 optimization to read metadata faster
      • CONJ-637 java.sql.Driver class implement DriverPropertyInfo[] getPropertyInfo, permitting listing options on querying tools
      • CONJ-641 update maven test dependencies for java 10 compatibility
      • CONJ-643 PreparedStatement::getParameterMetaData always returns VARSTRING as type resulting in downstream libraries interpreting values wrongly
      • CONJ-623 Increase connection logging when Primary node connection fails
      • CONJ-384 Add option permit having "affected" or "found" rows


      • CONJ-646 possible NullPointerException when connection lost to database using aurora configuration with one node
      • CONJ-672 batch using multi-send can hang when using query timeout
      • CONJ-544 disable SSL session resumption when using SSL
      • CONJ-589 correcting Clob.length() for utf8mb4
      • CONJ-649 datasource connectTimeout URL parameter is not honoured
      • CONJ-650 Correction on resultset.getObject(columnName, byte[].class) when value is NULL
      • CONJ-665 old MySQL (<5.5.3) doesn't support utf8mb4, using utf8 on 3 bytes as connection charset by default
      • CONJ-671 MariaDb bulk threads occupy full cpu(99%) while db connections broken
      • CONJ-673 abording a connection while fetching a query still does read whole resultset
      • CONJ-669 SQLSyntaxErrorException when querying on empty column name
      • CONJ-674 make dumpQueriesOnException = false by default as per documentation
      • CONJ-616 correction on possible NPE on getConnection when using failover configuration and master is down, not throwing a proper exception
      • CONJ-636 Error in batch might throw a NPE and not the proper Exception
      • CONJ-624 MariaDbPoolDataSource possible NPE on configuration getter
      • CONJ-622 The option "connectTimeout" must take in account DriverManager.getLoginTimeout() when set
      • CONJ-621 wrong escaping when having curly bracket in table/field name
      • CONJ-618 Client preparestatement parsing error on escaped ' / " in query
      • CONJ-644 small optimization when validating galera connection
      • CONJ-625 add coverage test
      • CONJ-654 DatabaseMetaData.getDriverName() returns connector/J with a lowercase c




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