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Warning InnoDB: Index 'Marvão_idx3' contains 36 entries, should be 37.




      Index corruption found during RQG testing
      Some CHECK TABLE t2 EXTENDED harvested
      test.t2 check Warning InnoDB: Index 'Marvão_idx3' contains 36 entries, should be 37.
      And the server error log contains a
      [rr 76197 241886]2020-06-16 18:31:54 33 [ERROR] InnoDB: Index `Marvão_idx3` of table `test`.`t2` is corrupted
      [rr 76197 241890]2020-06-16 18:31:54 33 [Note] InnoDB: Load corrupted index `Marvão_idx3` of table `test`.`t2`
      Work flow:
      1. Start the server and generate some initial data
      2. Several concurrent sessions runs a DDL/DML mix
           and sometimes CHECK TABLE EXTENDED
      Please note critical events like killing the server process followed by Restart
      with CrashRecovery are not involved..
      I have some "rr" trace for the tree
      origin/bb-10.5-marko 8cad9bc9805ff058e8493d92d4915ca437d16b08
      which is based on actual 10.5 but contains some non final changes of Marko.
      Per Marko the failure cannot be caused by his changes.
      My test machinery has seen the same problem also on
      10.3.24 origin/10.3 294ac1fbab306e97dad3588a00e3527f2056e7e4 2020-05-19T15:27:22+00:00
      but the corresponding details are lost.
      And so its unknown if that was during concurrent load or after crash with recovery.
      git clone https://github.com/mleich1/rqg --branch experimental RQG
      origin/experimental 611a31e38a3bc157392c0748c95991b6a248bb3b 2020-06-09T15:31:46+02:00
      perl rqg.pl \
      --grammar=conf/mariadb/table_stress_innodb_nocopy.yy \
      --gendata=conf/mariadb/table_stress.zz \
      --gendata_sql=conf/mariadb/table_stress.sql \
      --mysqld=--innodb_use_native_aio=1 \
      --mysqld=--innodb_lock_schedule_algorithm=fcfs \
      --mysqld=--loose-idle_write_transaction_timeout=0 \
      --mysqld=--loose-idle_transaction_timeout=0 \
      --mysqld=--loose-idle_readonly_transaction_timeout=0 \
      --mysqld=--connect_timeout=60 \
      --mysqld=--interactive_timeout=28800 \
      --mysqld=--slave_net_timeout=60 \
      --mysqld=--net_read_timeout=30 \
      --mysqld=--net_write_timeout=60 \
      --mysqld=--loose-table_lock_wait_timeout=50 \
      --mysqld=--wait_timeout=28800 \
      --mysqld=--lock-wait-timeout=86400 \
      --mysqld=--innodb-lock-wait-timeout=50 \
      --no-mask \
      --queries=10000000 \
      --seed=random \
      --reporters=Backtrace \
      --reporters=ErrorLog \
      --reporters=Deadlock1 \
      --validators=None \
      --mysqld=--log_output=none \
      --mysqld=--log-bin \
      --mysqld=--log_bin_trust_function_creators=1 \
      --mysqld=--loose-max-statement-time=30 \
      --mysqld=--loose-debug_assert_on_not_freed_memory=0 \
      --engine=InnoDB \
      --restart_timeout=120 \
      --duration=300 \
      --mysqld=--loose-innodb_fatal_semaphore_wait_threshold=300 \
      --mysqld=--innodb_stats_persistent=off \
      --threads=33 \
      --mysqld=--innodb_page_size=4K \
      --mysqld=--innodb-buffer-pool-size=256M \
      --duration=300 \
      --no_mask \
      ... certain local settings ...
      If looking into the attached RQG protocol 002082.log and the RQG call mentioned there please be aware that the "--reporters=CrashRecovery1" just tells
      that running a work flow invoking kill+restart was planned.
      But the data corruption was hit before the RQG reporter "CrashRecovery1"
      would kill the server process.


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