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sort out the compression library chaos




      As MariaDB is getting more storage engines and as they're getting more features, MariaDB can optionally use more and more compression libraries for various purposes.

      InnoDB, TokuDB, RocksDB — they all can use different sets of compression libraries. Compiling them all in would result in a lot of run-time/rpm/deb dependencies, most of which will be never used by most of the users. Not compiling them in, would result in requests to compile them in. While most users don't use all these libraries, many users use some of these libraries.

      A solution could be to load these libraries on request, without creating a packaging dependency. There are different ways to do it

      • hide all compression libraries behind a single unified compression API. Either develop our own or use something like Squash. This would require changing all engines to use this API
      • use the same approach as in server services — create a service per compression library, a service implementation will just return an error code for any function invocation if the corresponding library is not installed. this way — may be — we could avoid modifying all affected storage engines


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