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Assignee T Key Summary P Status Updated Fix Version/s Components Development
Alexey Antipovsky (Inactive) Sub-Task MCOL-4479

MCOL-641 Remove libquadmath as the dependency

Minor Closed 6.1.1 Build
Alexey Antipovsky (Inactive) Sub-Task MCOL-4478

MCOL-641 avg() on wide DECIMAL doesn't round the last digit properly

Minor Closed 6.1.1 ExeMgr, PrimProc
Unassigned Sub-Task MCOL-4469

MCOL-641 Row::getBinaryField() might crash accessing int128 from unaligned address

Major Closed 6.1.1 ExeMgr, PrimProc
Roman Sub-Task MCOL-4463

MCOL-641 Fix between for DECIMAL columns with certain literal values in projection.

Major Closed 6.1.1 PrimProc
Roman Sub-Task MCOL-4452

MCOL-641 UDAF processing might return wrong results duplicating one of the previous group's results

Major Closed 6.1.1 ExeMgr, PrimProc
Alexander Barkov Sub-Task MCOL-4409

MCOL-641 Rename VDecimal into Decimal and make IDB_Decimal an alias from Decimal

Major Closed 5.5.1 ExeMgr
Bharath Bokka (Inactive) Sub-Task MCOL-4398

MCOL-641 Add DDL test cases for wide decimal columns

Major Closed 6.1.1 CI
Alexander Barkov Sub-Task MCOL-4394

MCOL-641 Move __float128 related code into a separate header file.

Minor Closed 5.4.1 ExeMgr
Unassigned Sub-Task MCOL-4391

MCOL-641 Bulk insertion doesn't work for wide DECIMALs.

Major Closed N/A N/A
Roman Sub-Task MCOL-4390

MCOL-641 Overflow checks fails in decimal unit tests

Major Closed 5.4.1 ExeMgr
Roman Sub-Task MCOL-4389

MCOL-641 Add support for wide-DECIMAL into UNION processing

Major Closed 6.1.1 ExeMgr
Alexander Barkov Sub-Task MCOL-4387

MCOL-641 Convert dataconvert::decimalToString() into VDecimal:: and TSInt128 classes methods.

Major Closed 1.5.3 ExeMgr
Unassigned Sub-Task MCOL-4385

MCOL-641 Separate Decimal and wide Decimal APIs into two classes

Major Closed 5.5.1 ExeMgr
Unassigned Sub-Task MCOL-4362

MCOL-641 funcexp::Func_ceil::getIntVal fails with Thread 20 "PPBatchPrimProc" received signal SIGFPE, Arithmetic exception

Minor Closed 5.4.1 ExeMgr
Roman Sub-Task MCOL-4313

MCOL-641 Release builds contains ASM that either crashes processes or affects query results

Minor Closed   PrimProc
Unassigned Sub-Task MCOL-4187

MCOL-641 Attach Google Test as CMake external project.

Major Closed 6.1.1 installation
Alexey Antipovsky (Inactive) Sub-Task MCOL-4180

MCOL-641 Review wide-DECIMAL code in dbcon/execplan classes.

Major Closed 6.1.1 ExeMgr
Roman Sub-Task MCOL-4178

MCOL-641 Review/refactor DBRM and Casual Partitioning code.

Major Closed 5.6.1  
Roman Sub-Task MCOL-4177

MCOL-641 Review/refactor bulk insertion paths and code.

Major Closed 6.1.1 ExeMgr, PrimProc
Gagan Goel (Inactive) Sub-Task MCOL-4175

MCOL-641 Review/refactor primitives code

Major Closed 5.6.1  
Alexander Barkov Sub-Task MCOL-4174

MCOL-641 Review/refactor frontend/connector code.

Major Closed 5.4.1 ExeMgr
Roman Sub-Task MCOL-4172

MCOL-641 Add support for wide-DECIMAL into statistical aggregate and regr_ UDAF functions

Major Closed 5.4.1 ExeMgr
Daniel Lee (Inactive) Sub-Task MCOL-4171

MCOL-641 Add support for wide-DECIMAL into Window Functions.

Major Closed    
Roman Sub-Task MCOL-4167

MCOL-641 Add support for wide-DECIMAL into FuncExp framework.

Major Closed   PrimProc
Gagan Goel (Inactive) Sub-Task MCOL-3753

MCOL-641 Full Decimal Research

Major Closed 1.5.1 ExeMgr
Roman Sub-Task MCOL-3610

MCOL-641 Add support for INET6

Minor Closed 1.5.3 ExeMgr
Roman Sub-Task MCOL-3609

MCOL-641 Create a framework for wide data types.

Minor Closed 6.1.1 installation