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Optimize sys_vars.sysvar_* tests



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      <serg> in 10.1 there are now sys_vars.sysvar_* tests they list all system variables and their metadata
      <serg> this is, obviously, pretty fragile, I've split them in debug/non-debug, embedded, and created rdiffs for xtradb/innodb, 64bit/32bit, etc
      <serg> and simply disabled some of them for valgrind or non-debug builds
      <serg> still they require a lot of maintenance. Like after bug changes I need to build 32-bit version to update 32-bit rdiffs, and often do the same on windows etc
      <serg> I wonder whether you can manage to optimize them somehow (what should rdiff, what should be .result, where they should be simply disabled, etc)
      <serg> so that they won't break that often or that rdiffs apply cleanly?
      <serg> like mysqld--help test, rdiff for windows almost always just works, it's enough to update the result on linux
      <serg> that's not particularly urgent, I'll keep updating tests manually anyway
      <serg> but I've spent too much time on it already and mostly out of ideas now
      <serg> that's one of the new features in 10.1 that I've recently pushed
      <serg> INFORMATION_SCHEMA.SYSTEM_VARIABLES table: https://mariadb.com/kb/eninformation-schema-system_variables-table/
      <elenst> Do you expect it to be so useful that it's worth the trouble?
      <serg> the feature - yes, absolutely. tests? I don't know, really, perhaps disabling them isn't that bad
      <serg> I'd like to have this feature tested, but it doesn't need to list all variables, I agree


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