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MariaDB crash with specific query



    • Bug
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    • Critical
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • 5.5, 10.0, 10.1
    • 5.5.51, 10.1.17, 10.0.27
    • 10.1.11, 5.5.48-0, 5.5.50, 5.5.51 & 10.2.2


      When we run a specific query, it makes MariaDb crash

      Dec 16 18:14:48 wdevl01 mysqld: Some pointers may be invalid and cause the dump to abort.
      Dec 16 18:14:48 wdevl01 mysqld: Query (0x32b8fc9d020): is an invalid pointer
      Dec 16 18:14:48 wdevl01 mysqld: Connection ID (thread ID): 543
      Dec 16 18:14:48 wdevl01 mysqld: Status: NOT_KILLED

      We tested the query on MariaDB 10.0.22 and 10.1.9 and both crash the same way.
      Executing the query using PHP or direct via myqsl CLI result in a crash.
      Running the exact same query on the same imported database on Mysql 5.5.46 doesn't crash.

      The query and full logs are in the attached mariadb_query_logs.txt. A database dump with relevant tables to reproduce the crash is provided with database_dump.zip.

      Trying different mariadb configurations (buffer, etc) did not have an impact on the issue.
      Switching back to the default debian config with slight changes result in a crash too (current mariadb config is also attached)

      I checked the opened bugs and did not find one similar to this one.
      Feel of course free to ask for more info if needed and btw, thanks for your work !

      Sébastien Fiquemont - Ciméos


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