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Automatically disable key rotation checks for file_key_management plugin



      There have been several bug reports about how the background encryption threads can use a lot of CPU. Prior analysis suggested those this is primarily caused by the operations that check for key rotation. As part of MDEV-11738, innodb-encryption-rotate-key-age=0 was added to disable these checks, and this does seem to help most users.

      The default value of innodb-encryption-rotate-key-age is 1, so key rotation checks will be enabled by default. The problem is that many encryption users will be using file_key_management plugin, which doesn't even support key rotations. Many of these users are not aware that they should set innodb-encryption-rotate-key-age=0, so their background threads will be using more CPU than is necessary.

      Would it be possible to automatically disable key rotation checks for file_key_management plugin (and maybe other plugins that don't support key rotation)?


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