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Mariadb uses 100% of several of my 8 cpus doing nothing



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    • 10.1.20
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    • Linux 4.8.0-32-generic #34-Ubuntu SMP Tue Dec 13 14:30:43 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

      Ubuntu 16.10
      7.5 GB memory. Core™ i7-4770T CPU @ 2.50GHz × 8. 64 bit.
      Intel® Haswell Desktop

    • 10.1.22


      I use mariadb purely for a local sql database (via LibreOffice Base). There are no other users.

      Periodically the mysql process (still called that) take 37% (sometimes more) of the total available cpu, even though I am not doing anything at all, and the local database is not being used. If I restart the service the usage drops to 0%. I have not found any specific trigger for this behaviour.

      mysql.txt attached is the result of 'show engine innodb status;'
      my.cnf is the configuration file. Note that I use encryption for some tables - the key is itself encrypted and held in a part of my user space which is itself encrypted (I had to allow the service to access this in the mysql.service file). I then only start the mariadb/mysql service when I decrypt that part of my user space, so that it can get the key it needs. All this works without trouble.
      The conf.d file mariadb.cnf only contain character set info.


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