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Assignee T Key Summary P Status Updated Fix Version/s Components Development
Unassigned Technical task MDEV-13027

MDEV-8244 Compile special release binaries with symbols

Major Open    
Unassigned Technical task MDEV-13026

MDEV-8244 Compile profile-optimized release binaries

Major Open    
Teodor Mircea Ionita (Inactive) Technical task MDEV-12690

MDEV-8244 Upgrade buildbot to latest version

Major Closed N/A N/A
Vicențiu Ciorbaru Technical task MDEV-12511

MDEV-8244 staging and fire-and-forget

Major Open    
Vlad Bogolin Technical task MDEV-12510

MDEV-8244 protect main branches in github (gatekeeping)

Major Closed N/A Compiling, Tests
Sergei Golubchik Technical task MDEV-12509

MDEV-8244 Don't upload packages to master

Major Closed N/A OTHER
Teodor Mircea Ionita (Inactive) Technical task MDEV-12508

MDEV-8244 Use Docker instead of KVM

Major Closed N/A N/A
Sergei Golubchik Technical task MDEV-12507

MDEV-8244 Cleanup buildbot config

Major Closed N/A OTHER
Unassigned Technical task MDEV-11944

MDEV-8244 Add more suites to run on Windows buildbot

Major Open 10.2 Tests
Vicențiu Ciorbaru Technical task MDEV-11924

MDEV-8244 use asan/tsan/ubsan in buildbot

Major Open    
Elena Stepanova Technical task MDEV-11662

MDEV-8244 Crashdumps are not used in buildbot even if created

Major Open   Tests
Vicențiu Ciorbaru Technical task MDEV-11100

MDEV-8244 update/improve buildbot setup docs

Major Open    
Elena Stepanova Technical task MDEV-5776

MDEV-8244 Statistically optimize mysql-test runs by running less tests

Major Stalled N/A Tests
Unassigned Technical task MDEV-4282

MDEV-8244 Build on FreeBSD from ports

Major Open   Compiling, Platform FreeBSD, Tests