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Merge applicable changes from InnoDB 8.0.36




      The recent MySQL 8.0.36 release includes some InnoDB changes:

      Not applicable to MariaDB Server

      Bug#35115601 InnoDB - Page ... still fixed or dirty crash during shutdown (follow-up)
      This is fixing a regression due to something that had been partially reverted, and originally added in WL#14283 - Parallel create index. We have an open task MDEV-16281, but nothing like this has been implemented in MariaDB yet.
      Bug#35449386 particular query performs much worse in 8.0 than 5.7
      This fixes a performance regression due to a change to the adaptive hash indx. We refactored the adaptive hash index in MDEV-22871 but did not touch rec_fold(). It could be worthwhile to use my_crc32c() there. For reasons given in MDEV-20487, it might not change much.
      Bug#35208990 - MySQL 8.0.32U1/Cloud reports wrong results (select) (follow-up)
      This is related to the change buffer (MDEV-29694) and a parameter innodb_validate_tablespace_paths=off that had been added apparently to work around a performance regression due to WL#9499 - InnoDB: Replace MLOG_FILE_NAME with MLOG_FILE_OPEN. In MDEV-12353, MLOG_FILE_NAME to FILE_MODIFY, but the general logic remains the same.
      Bug #35449266 - An ALTER TABLE query corrupted the data dictionary so mysqld crashes
      MariaDB should be less likely to crash on corruption ever since MDEV-13542 and some related bugs were fixed. This bug is specific to the MySQL implementation of instant ADD COLUMN. In the MariaDB Server implementation (MDEV-11369), the additional information that is needed for interpreting old records in the table is stored in a hidden metadata record at the start of the clustered index.


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