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Detect incompatible MySQL partition scheme and either convert them or report to user and in error log.



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      Despite advertising itself as "plugin replacement for MySQL" MariaDB uses a different partitioning scheme. In addition, it is unable to detect the incompatible partition scheme when started on a MySQL-generated physical database, and produces column mismatch errors, failures in mysql_upgrade, and InnoDB data dictionary inconsistencies.

      It would be very helpful for administrators if they could see a message when these errors happen letting them know that InnoDB has encountered an incompatible and unsupported partition scheme, and recommend starting over with the corrupted tabled dumped logically and then dropped from the source.

      We should consider extending mariadb-upgrade to automatically convert MySQL 5.7 InnoDB partitioned tables to MariaDB partitioned tables.

      Things to check;

      • Is each InnoDB partition is it's own table space ?
      • Is it possible to convert the partitions to MariaDB type independent InnoDB partition tables
      • Can we create MariaDB .frm and .par files from MySQL .frm file or InnoDB
        dictionary / InnoDB internal partition information.


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