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Test MDEV-16329 (ALTER ONLINE TABLE) - Core server part



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      JIRA, Info

      MDEV-16329 Engine-independent online ALTER TABLE

      Extra info: MDEV-11424 - InnoDB operations which can/cannot be instant


      Branch: bb-11.2-oalter

      Last commit in testing: c29ff60b
      Baseline: e81fa345 (11.2)

      Specification/documentation notes

      • Despite all implications in MDEV-16329, online ALTER TABLE is not the same as ALTER ONLINE TABLE. The explicit syntax is


        In many cases it should happen automatically, on ALTER TABLE without ALGORITHM/LOCK specification.

      • New flag in old_mode: LOCK_ALTER_TABLE_COPY. Big DML events in concurrency with ALTER on tables without PK is a concern. old_mode is to be set for instances which can have such scenarios.
      • Exceptions (limitations) when the new online alter is not applicable are enumerated in MDEV-16329

      Per-engines exploratory observations:

      • InnoDB, MyISAM, Aria, Heap, CSV, RocksDB, Archive, Mroonga – applies
      • MERGE, Spider, Blackhole, Sphinx – skips online alter (doesn't hit debug sync point), probably because there is no real data
      • Columnstore – skips online alter (doesn't increase Binlog_bytes_written, cannot test debug , it fails there, to be checked whether it's specific to the branch)
        S3, OQGRAPH, FEDERATED, FEDERATEDX – ALTER is prohibited in general
      • PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA – cannot be ALTERed
      • Conversion to S3 – prohibited. Conversion from S3 – applies .
      • Sequences – prohibited.
      • Connect – prohibited.



      Code review notes

      Extra MTR

      • GCOV for the patch
        default set + galera set, nm-big run: Lines with zero coverage (67/2603) missings-mtr-c29ff60b.txt
      • SAN tests
        • ASAN default big / nm + ps + view
        • MSAN default big / nm + ps + view
        • UBSAN default big / nm + ps + view
        • ASAN plugins big/nm
        • ASAN galera big/nm

      Manual Testing

      • By spec/exploratory
      • integration map traverse

      Crash recovery

      • No new problems with stability observed
      • testing of recovery correctness in comparison to binlog is limited due to a number of legacy issues in binlog replay


      • No new problems with server (primary or replica) stability observed
      • testing of replicaton stability and correctness is limited due to a number of legacy issues in replication

      Larger integration

      • Galera
        outside the scope of this item, done in MDEV-27986
      • Columnstore
        does not support online alter
      • MariaBackup
        no specific issues observed
      • Protocol
      • Connectors


      • Live upgrade
      • Dump upgrade
      • Package upgrade
      • MariaBackup upgrade
      • OM => NS replication upgrade
        Some old bugs fixed along with online alter development (while not directly related to the feature), the fixes may cause OM => NS replication failures. E.g. if ALGORITHM=INSTANT was silently ignored in a previous version and ALTER with it succeeded, even though not executed as INSTANT, now it is rejected, thus upon replicating such events the replication will abort.
      • Galera rolling upgrade
        out of the scope of this item


      • RQG GCOV for the patch
        not satisfactory, to be further worked on after the feature release
      • RQG-100 ASAN
        50% tests fail due to unrelated issues
      • RQG-100 Release


      • Windows
      • ARM
      • FreeBSD
      • i686
        MDEV-31646 downgraded to non-RC-blocking

      Misc attention points

      • MTR with alter-algorithm=copy.
        Should be run without debug-sync or on a release build, otherwise too many low-level debug tests fail because they are not hitting expected sync points.

      Performance considerations
      Big DML events in concurrency with ALTER on tables without PK is a concern. old_mode is to be set for instances which can have such scenarios.

      Updates/additions to non-MTR regression tests

      • various small ALTER-related changes
      • syncpoint grammar extensions
      • binlog replay improvements
      • new old_mode in parameter presets and dynamic variables

      Branch commits (feature / --- unrelated)

      c29ff60b2c8 fix cleenup??
      00accd5e465 read_log_event: extract a shortcut with dedicated max_allowed_packet arg
      1fa0e86f3cc MDEV-31646 fixes
      f5191233418 MDEV-31812 Add switch to old_mode to disable non-locking ALTER
      da81aa232c8 fix slave_exec_mode initialization
      dd4e5d543d5 MDEV-31804 Assertion `thd->m_transaction_psi == __null' fails
      f4c5b3bc1ba Cleanup: make slave_exec_mode of its enum type and pack Log_event better
      b6b0a830774 MDEV-31838 Assertion fails upon replication online alter with MINIMAL row
      a88019c0e42 MDEV-31781 ALTER TABLE ENGINE=s3 fails
      7e9ea6317e1 MDEV-31777 ER_GET_ERRNO upon online alter on CONNECT table
      0a32e10cb68 MDEV-31631 Adding auto-increment to table with history online misbehaves
      69c7c84583d MDEV-31776 Online ALTER reports the number of affected rows incorrectly
      0400e0014c7 Rows_log_event: reorganize the class layout for a lower memory footprint
      ed44d2f69d0 MDEV-31775 Server crash upon online alter on sequence
      b749e1287f9 add to binlog_bytes_written for an initial description event
      41f7852d9f1 make a proper cleanup if online_alter_binlog is failed to create
      8750a2e9ee8 MDEV-31755 Replica's DML event deadlocks wit online alter table
      ebc53664028 fix key detection on replica with extra columns
      6e5e24eac2a MDEV-31677 Assertion failed upon online ALTER with binlog_row_image=NOBLOB
      df2b8694fef MDEV-31646 untie from max_allowed_packet and opt_binlog_rows_event_max_size
      ca32d2342df MDEV-31646 Online alter applies binlog cache limit to cache writes
      d80cb40f132 MDEV-31601 Some ALTER TABLEs fail ... with a wrong error message
      7ed19179c69 fix -Werror build
      c164dd95bd4 follow-up MDEV-30430: fix versioning.rpl
      73bbbc07719 fix main.mysql57_virtual, main.alter_table, innodb.alter_algorithm
      8d5a9341781 MDEV-30984 Online ALTER table is denied with non-informative error messages
      3b8525ac5ee Add const to get_foreign_key_list/get_parent_foreign_key_list
      c3ea029832a Add const to alloc-related thd methods
      d07bd4316b5 MDEV-30987 main.alter_table_online times out with view-protocol
      388d2039c5d MDEV-31059 "Slave SQL" errors upon concurrent DML and erroneous ALTER
      7f0b27a33ce refactor unpack_row
      ed8a15d44b5 unpack_row: unpack a correct number of fields
      03f806acb95 MDEV-31058 ER_KEY_NOT_FOUND upon concurrent CHANGE column autoinc and DML
      d61761f2cb4 unpack_row: set the correct fields in has_value_set for online alter
      b599911c92a MDEV-30949 Direct leak in binlog_online_alter_end_trans
      1a5b9fcc541 MDEV-31043 ER_KEY_NOT_FOUND upon concurrent ALTER and transaction
      af106e27e27 MDEV-31033 ER_KEY_NOT_FOUND upon online COPY ALTER on a partitioned table
      5258c19894c MDEV-30945 RPL tests are failing with MSAN use-of-uninitialized-value
      ab3b7b8e2dc clean up Rows_log_event virtual methods
      057bb76d6bb MDEV-30891 Assertion `!table->versioned(VERS_TRX_ID)' failed
      4819c13a496 add partition test
      b609b9c6d10 MDEV-30985 Replica stops with error on ALTER ONLINE with Geometry Types
      c66d605c80e MDEV-30924 Server crashes in MYSQL_LOG::is_open upon ALTER vs FUNCTION
      ff0290047d9 MDEV-30925 Assertion failed in translog_write_record in ONLINE ALTER + Aria
      ef1caa6263b MDEV-30902 Server crash in LEX::first_lists_tables_same
      ad27cab7806 MDEV-29068 Cascade foreign key updates do not apply in online alter
      6b7a16a2f97 fix main.alter_table_{online,lock}
      70e385bb6c9 MDEV-29069 follow-up: improve DEFAULT rules
      3694afb4e6e MDEV-29069 follow-up: support partially usable keys
      069a2063c44 MDEV-29069 follow-up: allow deterministic DEFAULTs
      23f7233fb4c MDEV-29069 ER_KEY_NOT_FOUND on online autoinc addition + concurrent DELETE
      8292140d1d5 cleanup: cache the result of Rows_log_event::find_key()
      39820b1ef87 set table->pos_in_table_list in online alter
      0d8a4a8dd19 cleanup: remove rpl_group_info::get_table_data()
      0495785dd4f cleanup: ifdefs
      8be6788bd88 few rgi assertions. this can proof that rgi is always present
      6b90a751c57 rename rpl/rpl_alter_instant -> rpl/rpl_alter_innodb
      f55f6916d2c MDEV-29038 XA assertions failing in binlog_rollback and binlog_commit
      35401ae1e53 log_event.h: remove junk EOL spaces
      a7e3bb4521d MDEV-29013 ER_KEY_NOT_FOUND/lock timeout upon online alter with long unique
      ce7c344f861 Fix write_set too
      ef10d88a43a MDEV-28816 Assertion `wsrep_thd_is_applying(thd)' failed in int wsrep_ignored_error_code(Log_event*, int)
      26c94583e42 rpl: check should go after defaults and vcols update
      dd1bde0a035 MDEV-29067 Online alter ignores check constraint violation
      7b16df60410 don't do ALTER IGNORE TABLE online
      c4d8107063b MDEV-29021 add test case from MDEV-29013
      295156d1a54 Do not ignore sql_mode when replicating
      37fecbc237f Simplify rgi->get_table_data call
      3ad859d37ae reorder RPL_TABLE_LIST fields for better packing
      6df8322726c MDEV-29021 fixup
      4afa0b2e844 MDEV-29021 ALTER TABLE fails when a stored virtual column is dropped+added
      36764a6f278 cleanup, remove dead code
      f950f4453fd MDEV-28943 Online alter fails under LOCK TABLE with ER_ALTER_OPERATION_NOT_SUPPORTED_REASON
      50ea1b9f3de MDEV-28930 ALTER TABLE Deadlocks with parallel TL_WRITE
      c61df2b4a10 MDEV-28967 Assertion `marked_for_write_or_computed()' failed in Field_new_decimal::store_value / online_alter_read_from_binlog`
      c6d89f0a236 remove redundant warnings in RBR and online alter
      e27314cf40b cleanup: whitespace, etc
      ed186479fea MDEV-28959 Online alter ignores strict table mode
      43a364143ef MDEV-28944 XA assertions failing in binlog_rollback and binlog_commit
      2a15af9ae9a control Cache_flip_event_log lifetime with reference count
      7da5157220b MDEV-28771 Assertion `table->in_use&&tdc->flushed' failed after ALTER
      462bc39a120 test rename alter_table_online -> alter_table_online_debug
      d560f19f813 separate online_alter_cache_data from binlog_cache_data
      e968c475e7a put binlog_cache_data on a memroot
      e6d69e3f952 always commit for non-trans engines
      a7b11479979 savepoints
      e9891c063ff don't crash if ALTER TABLE fails and a long transaction blocks MDL upgrade
      62fb6a20eb9 don't use start_consistent_snapshot
      997aa8885b7 don't copy stmt IO_CACHE to trx IO_CACHE at the stmt end
      28cc0fcf5a4 don't do DROP SYSTEM VERSIONING online
      d96ffbde842 set read_set early, before row reads
      adbba1c0920 no ALTER TABLE should return ER_NO_DEFAULT_FOR_FIELD
      6fb0d9dc0a3 online alter always uses ALGORITHM=COPY, LOCK=NONE
      9da6f1f4687 remove handler::open_read_view()
      63d43ff120b cleanup
      338fe3c6962 support 'alter online table t1 page_checksum=0'
      64c21c742b2 tests: move around, add new
      1af3b635610 MDEV-16329 [5/5] ALTER ONLINE TABLE
      c4bb6280b2d MDEV-16329 [4/5] Refactor MYSQL_BIN_LOG: extract Event_log ancestor
      bf15bfb49c7 MDEV-16329 [3/5] use binlog_cache_data directly in most places
      d61f467ef4e MDEV-16329 [2/5] refactor binlog and cache_mngr
      2fdc269ee25 MDEV-16329 [1/5] add THD::binlog_get_cache_mngr
      --- 8c8027970ba rpl: repack table_def
      --- 7c25ddfd5ff Copy_field: add const to arguments
      --- 40bed167bb2 rename tests
      --- 2d837d42759 binlog_combinations.inc -> binlog_format_combinations.inc
      --- 979f808883b cleanup: remove vcol_info->stored_in_db
      --- 10561a10ed1 Fix recalculation of vcols in binlog_row_image=minimal
      --- e7f8898393b cleanup: clarify ha_innobase::column_bitmaps_signal()
      --- 74b94197eb2 allow random_bytes() in virtual columns

      Some work still needs to be done on the item (continue testing, re-check after fixing, etc.)
      No work expected on the item
      The item is a problem which is currently considered a blocker for the feature
      The item cannot be worked on for the time being
      Attention point but not a blocker for the feature (low-prio bug, documentation point, unfinished check, etc.)
      Work on the item is considered finished


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