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MariaBackup option to report and/or continue when corruption is encountered




      Currently Mariabackup aborts when it detects any InnoDB corruption. Needs an option to complete the backup and flag or log the corruption rather than leaving the entire server with no backup.

      In situations where Mariabackup detects corruption while taking a backup, it currently aborts where InnoDB would assert, making backing up a corrupted server impossible.

      This is obviously not practical when corruption in one table prevents making backups of the entire server.

      Would it be possible to address this need by adding a force option like innodb_focre_recovery=1 to mariabackup, for instance?
      From Julien - Here is an additonal explanaition why this would be important to be done in 10.6 ralf.gebhardt@mariadb.com.

      From Vlad Lesin - Here is detailed description of the feature from commit message:

      The new option --log-innodb-page-corruption is introduced.

      When this option is set, backup is not interrupted if innodb corrupted
      page is detected. Instead it logs all found corrupted pages in
      innodb_corrupted_pages file in backup directory and finishes with error.

      For incremental backup corrupted pages are also copied to .delta file,
      because we can't do LSN check for such pages during backup,
      innodb_corrupted_pages will also be created in incremental backup

      During --prepare, corrupted pages list is read from the file just after
      redo log is applied, and each page from the list is checked if it is allocated
      in it's tablespace or not. If it is not allocated, then it is zeroed out,
      flushed to the tablespace and removed from the list. If all pages are removed
      from the list, then --prepare is finished successfully and
      innodb_corrupted_pages file is removed from backup directory. Otherwise
      --prepare is finished with error message and innodb_corrupted_pages contains
      the list of the pages, which are detected as corrupted during backup, and are
      allocated in their tablespaces, what means backup directory contains corrupted
      innodb pages, and backup can not be considered as consistent.

      For incremental --prepare corrupted pages from .delta files are applied
      to the base backup, innodb_corrupted_pages is read from both base in
      incremental directories, and the same action is proceded for corrupted
      pages list as for full --prepare. innodb_corrupted_pages file is
      modified or removed only in base directory.

      If DDL happens during backup, it is also processed at the end of backup
      to have correct tablespace names in innodb_corrupted_pages.


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