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pam plugin from MariaDB 10.3 doesn't work with MariaDB 10.4



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      As a way to work around the numerous pam bugs in MariaDB 10.4.6, I tried to copy the pam plugins from MariaDB 10.3.16. This does not work, and it fails instantly without even asking for a password.

      For example, copy the plugin from the 10,3 to the 10.4 server:

      scp  /usr/lib64/mysql/plugin/auth_pam.so

      Then move the existing one on the 10.4 server:

      sudo mv /usr/lib64/mysql/plugin/auth_pam.so /usr/lib64/mysql/plugin/auth_pam.so.original

      And then install the one from 10.3:

      sudo install /tmp/auth_pam.so /usr/lib64/mysql/plugin/

      Create a Unix user account and set a password for the user:

      sudo useradd alice
      sudo passwd alice

      Create the PAM service configuration:

      sudo tee /etc/pam.d/mariadb <<EOF
      auth required pam_unix.so audit
      account required pam_unix.so audit

      Then in MariaDB, install the plugin:

      INSTALL SONAME 'auth_pam';

      And then create the user account:

      CREATE USER 'alice'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED VIA pam USING 'mariadb';

      And then you need to do the /etc/shadow workaround for pam_unix:

      sudo groupadd shadow
      sudo usermod -a -G shadow mysql
      sudo chown root:shadow /etc/shadow
      sudo chmod g+r /etc/shadow

      And then restart MariaDB:

      sudo systemctl restart mariadb

      And then, try to authenticate as the Unix account (while using the workaround for MDEV-19807):

      $ mysql -u alice --plugin-dir=/usr/lib64/mysql/plugin
      ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'alice'@'localhost' (using password: NO)

      Unlike in MDEV-19880, the syslog doesn't even show a failed password check.


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