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Presence of old logs in 10.2.7 will corrupt restored instance (change in behavior)



      Restore of backups (created with XtraBackup/Maria Backup) into empty data directory is the only valid scenario where success may be guaranteed. In other words if data directory has leftover data/log files from old Server instance - various problems may occur.

      Nevertheless, on practice restore into non-empty directory may easily succeed without any issues (despite being dangerous).

      So far both xtrabackup and mariabackup 10.1 did generate empty log files during --prepare.
      Thus if user does simple 'copy' of prepared backup into non-empty data directory - old logs would be most likely just overwritten.

      Change in behavior:
      Mariabackup 10.2.7 doesn't create empty log files and relies on --copy-back action executed by user. (which will delete old innodb log files, if any).

      For situations where users don't follow mentioned recommendations (i.e. neither use --copy-back or make sure that data directory is empty before restore) - backups created mariabackup 10.2.7 are definitely expected to become inconsistent/corrupted. (because of presence of old leftover InnoDB logs).


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