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Disable encryption of spatial indexes in MariaDB 10.2




      Encryption must be properly tested with SPATIAL INDEX before 10.2 goes GA. I do not think that it can work in its current form. Note that MySQL 5.7 contains this change (to prepare for the repurposing of the field as FIL_RTREE_SPLIT_SEQ_NUM), but it does not retroactively clear the field to 0 on old files:

      commit 8406d6aac3be6353bf693159ea0a5163edae0179
      Author: Marko Mäkelä <marko.makela@oracle.com>
      Date:   Wed Jul 2 10:26:42 2014 +0300
          WL#7990 Repurpose FIL_PAGE_FLUSH_LSN
          The field FIL_PAGE_FLUSH_LSN is consulted during InnoDB startup.
          At startup, InnoDB reads the FIL_PAGE_FLUSH_LSN from the first page of
          each file in the InnoDB system tablespace. If there are multiple
          files, the minimum and maximum LSN can differ. These numbers are
          passed to InnoDB startup.
          Having the number in other files than the first file of the InnoDB
          system tablespace is not providing much additional value. It is
          conflicting with other use of the field, such as on InnoDB R-tree
          index pages.
          The FIL_PAGE_FLUSH_LSN was also being written to InnoDB undo
          tablespace files, even though the fields are not going to be consulted
          on crash recovery.
          This worklog will stop writing FIL_PAGE_FLUSH_LSN to other files
          than the first file of the InnoDB system tablespace (page number 0:0).


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