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Port Time Machine/Flashback Feature to MariaDB



    • Flashback


      What’s Time Machine

      • Rolling back instances/databases/tables to a snapshot
      • Implement on Server-Level, so support all engines.
      • By full image format binary logs
      • Currently, it’s a feature inside mysqlbinlog tool (with --flashback option)

      How Time Machine Works

      • As we know, if binlog_format is ROW, all columns’ values are store in the row event, so we can
        get the data before mis-operation.
      • Just do following things:
        • Change Event Type, INSERT->DELETE, DELETE->INSERT
        • For Update_Event, swapping the SET part and WHERE part
        • Applying those events from the last one to the first one which mis-operation happened.
        • All the data will be recovered by inverse operations of mis-oprerations

      DDL supports are necessary

      • For ADD INDEX/COLUMN, or CREATE TABLE query, just drop the index, column, table when running Flashback.
      • For DROP INDEX/COLUMN, or DROP TABLE query, will copy or rename the old table to a reserved database. When Flashback is running, I can drop new table, and rename the saved old table to original database.
      • For TRUNCATE table, I just rename old table to reserved database and create a new empty table.

      How to Use Time Machine

      • I will create a Time Machine script to package mysqlbinlog --flashback command


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