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Implement DISTRIBUTED JSON functions



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      As of 6.2.2 Columnstore doesn't support [1] JSON_* functions doing Select Handler execution.

      We want to add support for the mentioned JSON_* functions into the existing functions and expressions runtime framework(FuncExp).
      Here are the phases for the project:

      1. - get familiar with the code base, compilation and bootstrap process [2]
      2. - split the list of JSON_* functions into those suitable for distributed Select Handler execution and those aren't
      3. - get familiar with FuncExp details [3]
      4. - get familiar with MTR testing framework MCS [4] leverages
      5. - implement/borrow tests from MDB MTR test suite
      6. - implement suitable(see phase 2) JSON_* functions

      There will be an additional simple task to add JSON data type as an alias for LONGTEXT(flex/bison parser tiny project).

      Plz get in touch either here or in MariaDB Zulip chat

      1. There are two query execution modes in MCS: fast distributed Select Handler execution and relatively slow but MDB-compatable Table execution.
      2. Here is the automated bootstrap script.
      3. FuncExp is a number of classes to describe an arbitrary tree of expressions doing projection, e.g. SELECT COS(c1 + c2) or doing filtering, e.g. SELECT c1 from t1 WHERE LENGTH(SUBSTRING(c1,2,2)) > 5. In most cases the implementation of a function looks as simple as this. An abstract part for FuncExp can be found in the MCS repo here.
      4. Plz see this for the short info.


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