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A query containing a big list of values in the IN-clause immediately crashes columnstore engine (add limit setting)



    • Bug
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    • Critical
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • 23.02.1, 23.02.3
    • 23.10.0
    • MariaDB Server
    • MariaDB 10.5.10, Columnstore 5.5.2; MariaDB 10.5.18, Columnstore 5.6.8; RHEL 8.2 and RHEL 8.5
    • 2023-8, 2023-10


      The attached query ("crashing_select...sql") on the attached Columnstore table (see "create_tables_...sql") using the exported data ("ebi_es_op_or...csv") immediately crashes Columnstore engine when executed.
      Result: ERROR 2013 (HY000) at line 1: Lost connection to MySQL server during query
      When the table is InnoDB (suffix "_innodb") it works flawlessly ("working_select...sql")

      Side note: query is generated by a third-party BI tool, where we have no possibility to change the way it generates the SQL queries to avoid such big IN-clauses.
      TBD: solution :


      The currently proposed solution: Introduction of a new runtime variable defined as
      MariaDB [test]> show variables like 'columnstore_max_in%';

      Variable_name Value


      columnstore_max_in_limit_query_length 1000

      1 row in set (0.001 sec)

      which is a limit for the maximum length of an IN query measure in number of values .
      If the query is longer, an error is signaled:
      ERROR 1178 (42000): The storage engine for the table doesn't support long in clauses. Query exceeds max_in_limit_query_length threshold: consider changing the value via SET @var_name := value;

      If there are multiple IN clauses in query, the limit is checked against the longest.
      The default value is a subject to be determined, right now it is 6000 items.
      Right now this has a possible side effect of possibly limiting some of the OR clauses as well, but I have not managed to find one.


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