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When ColumnStore package is installed with MariaDB server already running, server is left shut down after engine installation



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    • 1.5.2
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      A minimal scenario:

      • on a clean CentOS 7, configure 10.5 repo and install MariaDB server package, e.g. run

        sudo yum install MariaDB-server

        After clean installation on RPM-based systems the server isn't started automatically, it's expected; start it as

        sudo systemctl start mariadb

        Optionally, make sure it's up and running.
        Then install Columnstore engine:

        sudo yum install MariaDB-columnstore-engine

      It installs without any errors, but after it's done the server is down and has to be started again manually.
      It is not the case with other engines, e.g. RocksDB, where the server is restarted after the engine installation.

      Buildbot is affected and currently produces a failure on 10.5 branches in a slightly different scenario of the same origin. The "minor-upgrade-all" test in buildbot installs all MariaDB packages of the last released version present in the MariaDB official repo, e.g. at this moment all MariaDB 10.5.4 packages, including Columnstore.
      After the installation It starts the server explicitly.
      Then it upgrades the installation using packages produced in the current build.
      It expects the server to be available afterwards, but since Columnstore is among the upgraded packages and misbehaves as described above, the server remains shut down.


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