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"Cursor.rowcount" and "Cursor.affected_rows" both return the same value, return 0 for UPDATE queries.



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    • 1.1.4
    • 1.1.5
    • DBAPI 2.0, Documentation
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    • Windows 11, PyCharm IDE with a virtualenv. Connecting to an Ubuntu LTS server with MariaDB 1:10.7.3+maria~focal running in Docker.
    • 3.10.7


      Query: SELECT * FROM REDACTED.employees WHERE pin=%(auth)s
      cursor.affected_rows: 1
      cursor.rowcount: 1
      Query: SELECT employee FROM REDACTED.customer_relations WHERE incremental=%(id)s
      cursor.affected_rows: 1
      cursor.rowcount: 1
      Query: UPDATE REDACTED.customer_relations SET hidden=1 WHERE incremental=%(id)s
      cursor.affected_rows: 0
      cursor.rowcount: 0

      I have a class that handles my database connection and pooling, above is the output directly from an instance of that class. I'm very confused as to why 'rowcount' and 'affected_rows' both return the same result, and neither return the correct rows when running 'UPDATE' on a row. The above is also called before I return the connection back to the pool. At first, I figured it was just MariaDB ignoring the UPDATE because the row wouldn't change. No matter the state of the existing data, both 'affected_rows' and 'rowcount' both return 0.

      Edit: My code now randomly works, I apologize for any time I might've wasted. I do not see a clear way to close this issue or delete it. Thank you.




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