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retriesAllDown not working as expected



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      We changed the connector to use the mariadb one (latest version). And so instead of "maxReconnects" we use "retriesAllDown" option in the connection string.

      In the code I see:

      • When using loadbalancing, the number of times the driver should cycle through available hosts, attempting to connect.
      • Between cycles, the driver will pause for 250ms if no servers are available.
        RETRY_ALL_DOWN("retriesAllDown", 120, 0, "1.2.0"),

      So I would think that between 2 connection tries (try the whole list of master/slaves) it would wait for ¼ seconds but looking at the code in
      public static void loop(Listener listener, final List<HostAddress> addresses,
      SearchFilter searchFilter) throws SQLException

      { ... }

      I see no sleep and I have put some logs and I noticed that the connector tried to connect almost 1 million times in +/- 70 seconds (the time for mariadb container to start, load data and restart).
      So I am obliged to put an arbitrary very high value for "retriesAllDown".

      I think a quick fix would be to put a sleep 250ms at the end of the while loop to match what's in the above comment.
      Or add like for mysql a parameter to wait a little more between 2 consecutive failed tries.




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