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Provide a way to show details about all supported MaxScale modules via REST API and/or MaxCtrl



    • MXS-SPRINT-185


      MaxScale currently provides MaxCtrl commands and REST API endpoints to view details about MaxScale modules. However, these commands and endpoints only currently return details about modules that are currently in use. This applies to:

      • The maxctrl list modules command
      • The maxctrl show modules command
      • The corresponding REST API endpoints

      It would be great if MaxScale could provide a MaxCtrl command and/or REST API endpoint to view details about all supported modules--not just the modules that are currently in use. The Documentation Team would be able to use functionality like this to programmatically determine which modules are supported by a specific version of MaxScale.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Configure MaxScale using the procedure on this page.

      2. Start the MaxScale services:

      $ maxctrl start services

      3. List the modules:

      $ maxctrl list modules

      Actual results

      The output only shows the modules that are configured:

      │ Module          │ Type            │ Version │
      │ maxscale        │ maxscale        │ 6.2.4   │
      │ servers         │ servers         │ 6.2.4   │
      │ MariaDBAuth     │ Authenticator   │ V2.1.0  │
      │ mariadbmon      │ Monitor         │ V1.5.0  │
      │ MariaDBProtocol │ Protocol        │ V1.1.0  │
      │ PAMAuth         │ Authenticator   │ V1.0.0  │
      │ qc_sqlite       │ QueryClassifier │ V1.0.0  │
      │ readwritesplit  │ Router          │ V1.1.0  │

      Expected results

      The actual output is missing the modules that are not currently in use, including:

      • gssapiauth Authenticator
      • readconnroute Router
      • binlogrouter Router
      • xpandmon Monitor
      • And many more

      It would be great if MaxScale supported some way to obtain details about all supported modules.




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