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      As per the developers feedback, when they select the database and they trying to type the table name but the auto intelligence is not working here. They are unable to get the full table or column name or any object related to schema, if they type short name of the table or column or any object in the query editor.

      Developers are expecting like below.

      1. If they select any DB/Schema, then automatically it should show the matching tables or column or any object with full name while they type any short name of the table or column names or any objects.
      2. If they select any schema/DB then all the objects related to that schema auto intelligence should work for any object. like when they are typing short tables, short columns, short views or any then it should show full matched tables names/column names/View names or any.
      3. In the query editor, even if they place any multiple schemas and tables, If they join, then all the tables or columns or views or etc. the auto intelligence should work on the Query editor window.




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