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Window functions: reuse sorting and/or scanning




      The standard says this:

      In general, two <window function>s are computed independently, each one
      performing its own sort of its data, even if they use the same data and the same <sort specification list>
      Nevertheless, the user may desire that two <window function>s be computed using the same ordering
      Two <window function>s are computed using the same (possibly non-deterministic) window ordering of the
      rows if any of the following are true:

      • (3 long clauses)

      This is a good reason to implement an optimization:

      if window functions W1 and W2 use compatible sortings, 
        they must share the filesort() call

      Let's call the above *filesort sharing*.

      The second step would be to share the "scan through the filesort result and compute the window function" step. Sharing the scan between window functions ought to give a speedup, because

      • we can compute values of all window functions and call h->update_row once (instead of many times)
      • It is more cache-friendly to do things in one pass, not in many.

      A question: should the scan be shared across all window functions or only those that have identical PARTITION BY clause?


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