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    • 10.1.11
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    • CentOS Linux release 7.2.1511 (Core), 64-bit


      We had a mysqld crash which appears to be during binlog rotation:

      160224  9:51:59 [ERROR] mysqld got signal 11 ;
      stack_bottom = 0x7fc43aa2d8d0 thread_stack 0x48400

      (full log is attached in crashlog.txt as it appeared in /var/log/messages.

      From a cursory investigation, these observations may be relevant:

      • The crashing mysqld instance was part of a 2-node galera cluster. (The cluster was under construction, and a 3rd node was due to join it later).
      • A new file with a timestamp of the crash appeared in /var/lib/mysql: 0x009fe611_data.000000. The contents appears to be binary of some sort, and it contains what appears to be schema/tablenames towards the beginning. I suspect the contents may aid diagnostics
      • The node was running inbound replication - no other activity on the node yet (or elsewhere in the cluster)
      • Replication is "traditional" - i.e. not using GTID
      • Parallel replication is not configured - i.e. defaults to single thread
      • It appears to have happened during (or immediately after) binlog rotation: A new bin log file had been created - 405 bytes long, and with no transactions yet according to mysqlbinlog. The timestamp is in the same second as the crash.
      • Other nodes (elsewhere in our estate) replicating off the same master did not encounter any problems


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