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OQGRAPH: External Connection Crashes MariaDB with "InnoDB: Assertion failure"




      I've spent about a week trying to build a stable instance of OQGRAPH for use by a webserver.

      Finding that almost every-other external query results in InnoDB: Assertion failure. But no issues when using the CLI on localhost or a remote_host.

      OK = localhost> SELECT * FROM oss.path;
      OK = remote_host> SELECT * FROM oss.path;
      NG = [localhost ~]# mysql -e 'SELECT * FROM oss.path;'
      NG = [remote_host ~]# mysql -h oqgrah_host -e 'SELECT * FROM oss.path;'

      Note: The first query normally works, and subsequent queries fail. I've been using a stored procedure that normally restarts MariaDB, so every-other-query works.

      OK = localhost> CALL oss.current_path(3);
      OK = remote_host> CALL oss.current_path(3);
      NG = [localhost ~]# mysql -e 'CALL oss.current_path(3);'
      NG = [remote_host ~]# mysql -h oqgrah_host -e 'CALL oss.current_path(3);'

      This is a clean build, minimal CentOS, EPEL, & MariaDB from the repo. I've tried multiple MariaDB (default config) builds, even reverted to CentOS 6.3 to see if that would make a difference. I originally suspected the problem might with PHP, but no difference between mysql ' mysqli. Then I found the issue was reproducible from bash.

      Attached you will find the syslog message, stored procedure, plus the DB schema and quick setup I have been working with. If you have any questions, please let me know.


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