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Setting gtid* values from inside a transaction might cause unexpected results



    • Type: Bug
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    • Fix Version/s: 10.0.4
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      Currently it's possible to set gtid_domain_id or gtid_seq_no from inside a transaction.
      If someone is doing such a strange thing, they most likely expect the change to take effect for the remaining part of the transaction; or, short of that, starting from the next transaction. In fact, the change will affect the whole current transaction.
      It might be considered less of a user's strange behavior and more of a real problem if autocommit = 0 is used, and hence the user doesn't really do something stupid explicitly.

      Changing variables that go to the binary log from inside a transaction is not unheard of, e.g. sql_mode can be modified several times, as it is written into the binlog with each statement. However, with gtid* it obviously makes no sense, so I suggest to forbid it at all (e.g. binlog_format cannot be changed inside a transaction).

      Test case:

      --source include/master-slave.inc
      --source include/have_innodb.inc
      set autocommit = 0;
      create table t1 (i int) engine=InnoDB;
      create table t2 (i int) engine=InnoDB;
      insert into t1 values (1);
      insert into t1 values (2);
      insert into t1 values (3);
      set gtid_domain_id=1;
      insert into t2 values (1);
      insert into t2 values (2);
      show binlog events;


      Log_name	Pos	Event_type	Server_id	End_log_pos	Info
      master-bin.000001	4	Format_desc	1	248	Server ver: 10.0.1-MariaDB-gcov-debug-log, Binlog ver: 4
      master-bin.000001	248	Gtid_list	1	273	[]
      master-bin.000001	273	Binlog_checkpoint	1	313	master-bin.000001
      master-bin.000001	313	Gtid	1	351	GTID 0-1-1
      master-bin.000001	351	Query	1	451	use `test`; create table t1 (i int) engine=InnoDB
      master-bin.000001	451	Gtid	1	489	GTID 0-1-2
      master-bin.000001	489	Query	1	589	use `test`; create table t2 (i int) engine=InnoDB
      master-bin.000001	589	Gtid	1	627	BEGIN GTID 1-1-3
      master-bin.000001	627	Query	1	715	use `test`; insert into t1 values (1)
      master-bin.000001	715	Query	1	803	use `test`; insert into t1 values (2)
      master-bin.000001	803	Query	1	891	use `test`; insert into t1 values (3)
      master-bin.000001	891	Query	1	979	use `test`; insert into t2 values (1)
      master-bin.000001	979	Query	1	1067	use `test`; insert into t2 values (2)
      master-bin.000001	1067	Xid	1	1094	COMMIT /* xid=132 */


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