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Performance schema introduces many conditional branches even when disabled at runtime




      Unless MariaDB is built with cmake -DPLUGIN_PERFSCHEMA=NO, there will be some measurable overhead related to some frequently invoked operations, such as mysql_mutex_lock() and mysql_mutex_unlock(). Take the latter for example. It would resolve to the following inline function:

        int result;
        if (psi_likely(that->m_psi != NULL))
      #ifdef SAFE_MUTEX
        result= safe_mutex_unlock(&that->m_mutex, src_file, src_line);
        result= pthread_mutex_unlock(&that->m_mutex);
        return result;

      The call to pfs_unlock_mutex_v1() via the function pointer PSI_MUTEX_CALL(unlock_mutex), as well as the condition preceding that call are executed within the critical section of the mutex.

      It would be better to make use of function pointers, say,

      return PSI_MUTEX_CALL(unlock_mutex)(that);

      and make the function pointer PSI_server->unlock_mutex point to either pthread_mutex_unlock or pfs_unlock_mutex(). If the server is compiled with PLUGIN_PERFSCHEMA=NO, the macro can resolve bypass the function pointer, something like this:

      # define mysql_mutex_unlock(M) PSI_MUTEX_CALL(unlock_mutex)(M)
      #elif defined SAFE_MUTEX
      # define mysql_mutex_unlock(M) \
        safe_mutex_unlock(M, __FILE__, __LINE__)
      # define mysql_mutex_unlock(M) pthread_mutex_unlock(M)

      The function pointer would be set to pthread_mutex_unlock by static initialization, and assigned to the instrumented function at the end of pfs_init_func(). In this way, if the performance schema is disabled at runtime, mysql_mutex_unlock() would translate to a simple call to pthread_mutex_unlock() via a function pointer.

      While we are at it, I would also consider removing memory bloat like this:

      struct st_mysql_mutex
        /** The real mutex. */
      #ifdef SAFE_MUTEX
        safe_mutex_t m_mutex;
        pthread_mutex_t m_mutex;
          The instrumentation hook.
          Note that this hook is not conditionally defined,
          for binary compatibility of the @c mysql_mutex_t interface.
        struct PSI_mutex *m_psi;

      Which binary compatibility is this about? To my knowledge, all plugins are typically included in the MariaDB Server repository and compiled from source code.


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