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InnoDB persistent statistics fail to update after bulk insert




      I have a bunch of CentOS 7 servers that I manage and we recently upgraded MariaDB from 10.5 to 10.6 on those servers. Now I'm seeing some odd problems which manifest as serious performance issues after I import a database. Meaning that SQL queries that were running in a short time suddenly became very slow.

      I then found that simply running "mysqlcheck -a" totally fixes the problem and I can reproduce this issue every time but I can't figure out what is causing it.

      In addition to the performance issues that I see, I also see odd stats from information_schema and the cardinality of the indexes. The latter part is I think why the SQL queries become slower.

      You can see a full test of this issue in the attached screenshot. I can put that into a code box but I thought the annotations made it easier to see the problems here. Anyone seen this before or have any idea what it going on?

      EDIT: additional info

      I found that disabling innodb_stats_persistent completely fixes the problem. Of course, that is likely not a real fix. Is there a problem with innodb_stats_persistent in MariaDB 10.6?


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