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partition_debug fails with warnings "Table is open on rename new table"




      parts.partition_debug fails with 2 warnings "Table: ./test/t1#P#p2 is open on rename new table2"

      This happens only in 10.7 (I could not repeat it with 10.6) when compiled with DBUG
      I can repeat it to 100% on my desktop.

      parts.partition_debug [ fail ] Found warnings/errors in server log file!
      Test ended at 2022-01-24 15:59:58
      Warning: Table: ./test/t1#P#p2 is open on rename new table2
      Warning: Table: ./test/t1#P#p2 is open on rename new table2

      A shorter test case, just for debugging:
      (The normal test case, parts.partition_debug only needs to be extended with this MDEV number). Note that it is the new code for CONVERT PARTITION that is generating the issue.

      As a separate issue, I noticed that the code does try to rename files that does not exists:
      error: error: 7 message: 'Error on rename of './test/tp2.MYD' to './test/t1#P#p2.MYD' (Errcode: 2 "No such file or directory")
      That code could probably be cleaned up so that we don't generate errors/warnings that are not needed (for example by testing if the file exists or not before doing a rename)

      # including crashing tests.
      --source include/have_debug.inc
      --source include/have_partition.inc
      # Don't test this under valgrind, memory leaks will occur
      --source include/not_valgrind.inc
      # Crash tests don't work with embedded
      --source include/not_embedded.inc
      # Make sure system tables are not open, as the test will kill the server
      # and it will cause corruption errors in the log
      --echo #
      --echo # MDEV-22166 CONVERT PARTITION: move out partition into a table
      --echo #
      let $create_statement= create or replace table t1 (x int primary key)
        partition by range(x) (
          partition p1 values less than (10),
          partition p2 values less than (20),
          partition p3 values less than (30),
          partition p4 values less than (40),
          partition p5 values less than (50),
          partition pn values less than maxvalue);
      let $insert_statement= insert into t1 values (2), (12), (22), (32), (42), (52);
      let $fail_statement= alter table t1 convert partition p2 to table tp2;
      set @save_dbug=@@debug_dbug;
      set session debug_dbug="+d,fail_convert_partition_5";
      --source suite/parts/inc/partition_fail.inc
      set session debug_dbug=@save_dbug;
      set session debug_dbug="+d,fail_convert_partition_11";
      --echo # Already finished DDL logging, so tp2 now exists:
      --source suite/parts/inc/partition_fail.inc
      set session debug_dbug=@save_dbug;
      show create table tp2;
      select * from tp2;
      drop table tp2;




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