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Rename sst_dump to mysql_sst_dump / mariadb-sst-dump




      As have been already mentioned in several bug reports, there is a potential conflict between mariadb-plugin-rocksdb package and rocksdb-tools package which can be found in some distributions. Both of them contain sst_dump binary, so the packages cannot be installed side-by-side.

      There have been attempts to resolve the issue, e.g. within MDEV-14918, by including sst_dump binary into the package conditionally, only when rocksdb-tools cannot be found during the build. However it doesn't eliminate the problem completely, because there can be different repository configuration on the build machine and on an end user's machine. For example, the user can install rocksdb-tools package from backports, and then installation of the MariaDB package will still fail.

      To avoid this, in addition to this conditional logic, sst_dump binary should be renamed to a more uniform mysql_sst_dump or mariadb-sst-dump, depending on the server version. It was already suggested before, even in the same MDEV-14918, but had never been done. Another auxiliary library ldb, which comes with the same MariaDB package, was already renamed.

      After renaming the debian packaging should be adjusted so that the right name appears on the install/not-installed lists. MTR tests also need to be fixed to refer to the new name.




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