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unnessary xid logging in one phase commit case



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      The bug was originally observed as hanging binlog background thread at shutdown similar to one of MDEV-21120:

      #14 MYSQL_BIN_LOG::stop_background_thread (this=0x55660e6b9ba0 <mysql_bin_log>) at /data/Server/10.6D/sql/log.cc:3411
      #15 0x000055660af0ff8e in close_connections () at /data/Server/10.6D/sql/mysqld.cc:1720
      #16 0x000055660af215bc in mysqld_main (argc=44, argv=<optimized out>) at /data/Server/10.6D/sql/mysqld.cc:5839

      The hang suggested a missed unlogging of a xid or signal notification to the thread loss.

      It turns out the former is the case.
      MDEV-21117 commit reveals an in-born two defects in MYSQL_BIN_LOG::write_transaction_to_binlog 's loop that marks event groups
      with the need of explicit xid unlogging:
      (1) the loop never expected to start from already
      reset ha_info (which is the one phase commit case that does not need the unlogging) as well as
      (2) had a logical flaw
      in its continuatio... condition to break after the first iteration snubbing any
      further ha_info in the list even if they might represent commit_checkpoint_request incapable engines - which would meant to mark the group which may not have happen on the first iteration.

      I set to fix starting from 10.2 though 10.6 is the most vulnerable due to (1) - the loop marks groups that should not be.

      Thanks to elenst, alice and marko who helped to identify it!




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