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Upgrade from pre-10.5.10 to 10.5.10 causes CHECK errors on encrypted Aria tables




      • bootstrap 10.5.9 with aria-encrypt-tables=1, e.g.

        --aria-encrypt-tables=1 --file-key-management --file-key-management-filename=`pwd`/mysql-test/std_data/keys.txt --plugin-load-add=file_key_management

      • start 10.5.10 on the datadir from 10.5.9;
      • run CHECK TABLE `mysql`.`tables_priv`

        10.5 8426c741

        MariaDB [(none)]> CHECK TABLE `mysql`.`tables_priv`;
        | Table             | Op    | Msg_type | Msg_text                                                                                                                         |
        | mysql.tables_priv | check | error    | Page at 8192 as wrong LSN (3971177,0x66334873). Current LSN is (1,0x5a5b)                                                        |
        | mysql.tables_priv | check | error    | Page at 16384 as wrong LSN (11590737,0x19495cff). Current LSN is (1,0x5a5b)                                                      |
        | mysql.tables_priv | check | error    | Page 1:  Wrong LSN (9127271,0x327b23c6). Current LSN is (1,0x5a5b)                                                               |
        | mysql.tables_priv | check | error    | Table is probably from another system and must be zerofilled or repaired ('REPAIR TABLE table_name') to be usable on this system |
        | mysql.tables_priv | check | error    | Corrupt                                                                                                                          |
        5 rows in set (0.012 sec)

      The problem was introduced by this commit in 10.5.10:

      commit 81258f14323e1d1ad0203bae93bc55a30d47c1b3 (HEAD)
      Author: Monty <monty@mariadb.org>
      Date:   Fri Apr 2 22:00:36 2021 +0300
          MDEV-17913 Encrypted transactional Aria tables remain corrupt after crash recovery, automatic repairment does not work
          Other things:
          - Extended Aria check_table() to check for wrong (= too big) LSN numbers.
          - If check_table() failed just because of wrong LSN or TRN numbers,
            a following repair table will just do a zerofill which is much faster.
          - Limit number of LSN errors in one check table to MAX_LSN_ERROR (10).
          - Removed old obsolete test of 'if (error_count & 2)'. Changed error_count
            and warning_count from bits to numbers of errors/warnings as this is
            more useful.

      I don't know whether it is a real problem or the extended check produces false positives, but in any case corruption-like errors can cause troubles for users.

      REPAIR makes the errors disappear.


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