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Don't require .cfg files to import InnoDB tablespaces



      FLUSH TABLES ... FOR EXPORT creates a .cfg file that is supposed to be copied and imported along with the .ibd file. These .cfg files are not always needed.

      However, the .cfg files are absolutely needed in some cases, such as:

      • If you want your AUTO_INCREMENT value to be populated properly on import, then you need to copy the .cfg file (MDEV-18288).
      • If you want to avoid the potential risk of server crashes, then you need to copy the .cfg file to avoid some bugs (MDEV-14342 and MDEV-20931).
      • What other cases are there?

      And the .cfg files can also be very helpful for troubleshooting in some cases, such as:

      • If the row format is different between the source server and the destination server, then you need to copy the .cfg file if you want to see a more clear error message (MDEV-15049 and MDEV-16851).

      Would it be possible to make the .cfg files completely unnecessary?


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