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Testing for MDEV-11371 (Big column compressed)



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    • 10.3.1-2


      Development tasks: MDEV-11371, MDEV-11381
      Development tree (as of July 18th): bb-10.3-svoj
      Tentative patch (as of July 18th): https://github.com/MariaDB/server/commit/79e055f407d34f195e3fde20401f39033dfce51d

      Request before the second round of review (received by email):

      On Thu, Jun 29, 2017 at 12:22:15PM +0400, Sergey Vojtovich wrote:

      Elena: I added decent test for this feature, but it would be great if you could
      extend it, especially replication testing is missing.

      Note: Since there is no documentation for the feature, need to explore first.
      Note: Make sure it's documented before the release.
      Note: Have 'innodb' removed from MDEV-11371 subject.

      Initial exploration:

      • server restart
      • base for virt col
      • storage for dyncol
      • 2nd part of index
      • change column, alter column
      • views
      • analyze, optimize, check
      • create table .. select with unsupported engine haven't found an unsupported engine yet
      • partitions, partition by compressed col
      • timestamps, sets, enums (N/A)
      • zerofill, unsigned (N/A)
      • null/not null
      • default
      • charsets
      • compressed column + row_format=compressed
      • + table compressed
      • + encryption
      • aria, tokudb, rocksdb, connect, heap, federated
      • binary log, replication
      • mysqldump

      here does not mean "tested", it just means it appears to be supported and does not fail right away

      Extra MTR tests needed:

      • with partitions
        • PARTITION BY KEY + SELECT .. WHERE col = 'something' etc. – crashes
      • with binlog in row format (easy to check with replication)
        • some strange '\x00foo' shows up, length increases


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