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Allow SP variables as LOAD DATA out parameters


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      We currently allow user variables and SP variables as out parameters in:

      • FETCH INTO @uservar vs FETCH INTO spvar
      • CALL p1(@uservar_as_out_param) vs CALL p1(spvar_as_out_param)

      But LOAD DATA is an exception:

      It's possible to do:

      LOAD DATA INFILE 'file.txt' INTO TABLE t1 (column1, @var1) SET column2 = @var1/100;

      But its not possible to do inside a stored routine:

      LOAD DATA INFILE 'file.txt' INTO TABLE t1 (column1, spvar1) SET column2 = spvar1/100;

      It can be useful for stricter data type control in the SET clause.

      Under terms of this task we'll do the following:

      • Derive Item_splocal, Item_splocal_row_field, Item_user_var_as_out_param, and possibly Item_trigger_field from Load_data_outvar (added in MDEV-15597).
      • Possibly get rid of Item_user_var_as_out_param and replace it to Item_func_get_user_var or Item_func_get_user_var. This change is optional, we'll decide during development.
      • Possibly change collecting LOAD DATA targets from List<Item> to List<Load_data_outvar>. So in case if we don't remove Item_user_var_as_out_param, we can at least remove its inheritance from Item and its useless methods like val_str, which currently do DBUG_ASSERT.


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