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Document CONNECT engine's OPTION_LIST options more clearly




      Various CONNECT engine documentation pages refer to OPTION_LIST options in passing.

      For example, this page mentions the eof option:

      alter table xtab option_list='eof=1';

      And this page refers to the Expand option:


      And the level option:

      create table jsampall2 engine=connect table_type=JSON 
        file_name='biblio3.json' option_list='level=1';

      And there seems to be many more of these options spread across many different documentation pages, but there does not seem to be any page that lists all of these options that also describes what each options does.

      It might help to create a new CONNECT documentation page that contains the following information:

      • A full list of options available to be used in OPTION_LIST.
      • A description of what each option does.
      • A list of what table types each option is valid for.
      • If an option was added or removed in a certain CONNECT version, list what those versions are.

      It might also help to create an "OPTION_LIST" section on the documentation page for each table type, and this section can describe the options that can be used in OPTION_LIST for that table type. This section should probably also the information mentioned above about each option.




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