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Testing for live upgrade with compressed/encrypted InnoDB data and non-default innodb_page_size



      Initial request from Jan Lindström:

      test 10.0 -> 10.1 ->10.2 migration with

      • (1) normal tables,
      • (2) compressed/encrypted tables
      • and finally using innodb_page_size = 4,8,16

      Migration in this context means that after upgrade from version X to version Y the server should be able to start on the data directory from the previous version and work well enough to allow running mysql_upgrade; after mysql_upgrade it should work normally.

      If a restart after mysql_upgrade is required, it is acceptable, although not desirable.

      The upgrade should work regardless whether the old/new server runs XtraDB or InnoDB; particularly for upgrade to 10.2, 10.1 XtraDB => 10.2 InnoDB must work.

      Another important upgrade path not mentioned in the initial request is 10.0 => 10.2 – it should should also work (without an intermediate 10.1 installation).

      We have some upgrade tests in buildbot, but their contents is minimal and they only use normal non-compressed, non-encrypted data with the default innodb_page_size.

      Related known issue for 10.1=>10.2 upgrade: MDEV-11202


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