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Unable to create an index on a connect table (CSV type) which is bigger than 300MB




      I am trying to load a big CSV file (bigger than 1GB) into a connect table and create an index for it.

      I fould if the CSV file is smaller than 200MB, erverything is ok.

      If the CSV file is bigger than 300MB, it will be created successfully and could be displayed by "show index from <tablename>" statement. However the dnx file will cerntainly not be created. Then if I issue "optimize table <tablename>" statement, it will also return a OK message in 0.00 second, but nothing changed and nothing created on disk.

      Another thing I found is that, if you create a connect table with a primary key for a csv file which has not been created on disk, index will also not created on disk even after I insert records into this table.

      Could you please take a look at this issue?

      Thank you very much.

      Jonny Zhu
      Nov.16th, 2016




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