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encryption.innodb-page_encryption, innodb.innodb-page_compression_zip failed in buildbot




      CURRENT_TEST: encryption.innodb-page_encryption
      2016-08-18 13:59:59 67648848 [Note] Got signal 15 to shutdown mysqld
      2016-08-18 13:59:59 68558160 [Note] /mnt/data/buildot/maria-slave/work-opensuse-amd64/build/sql/mysqld: Normal shutdown
      2016-08-18 13:59:59 68558160 [Note] Event Scheduler: Purging the queue. 0 events
      2016-08-18 14:00:00 350878032 [Note] InnoDB: FTS optimize thread exiting.
      2016-08-18 14:00:00 68558160 [Note] InnoDB: Starting shutdown...
      InnoDB: sync levels should be > 159 but a level is 130
      Mutex '&pool->mutex'
      InnoDB: Locked mutex: addr 0xa1e4028 thread 325699920 file /var/lib/buildbot/maria-slave/work-opensuse-amd64/build/storage/xtradb/mem/mem0pool.cc line 140
      InnoDB: sync_thread_levels_g(array, 159) does not hold!
      2016-08-18 14:00:03 1369c950  InnoDB: Assertion failure in thread 325699920 in file sync0sync.cc line 1319
      InnoDB: We intentionally generate a memory trap.
      InnoDB: Submit a detailed bug report to http://bugs.mysql.com.
      InnoDB: If you get repeated assertion failures or crashes, even
      InnoDB: immediately after the mysqld startup, there may be
      InnoDB: corruption in the InnoDB tablespace. Please refer to
      InnoDB: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/forcing-innodb-recovery.html
      InnoDB: about forcing recovery.
      160818 14:00:03 [ERROR] mysqld got signal 6 ;
      This could be because you hit a bug. It is also possible that this binary
      or one of the libraries it was linked against is corrupt, improperly built,
      or misconfigured. This error can also be caused by malfunctioning hardware.
      To report this bug, see https://mariadb.com/kb/en/reporting-bugs
      We will try our best to scrape up some info that will hopefully help
      diagnose the problem, but since we have already crashed, 
      something is definitely wrong and this may fail.
      Server version: 10.1.17-MariaDB-valgrind-max-debug
      It is possible that mysqld could use up to 
      key_buffer_size + (read_buffer_size + sort_buffer_size)*max_threads = 63019 K  bytes of memory
      Hope that's ok; if not, decrease some variables in the equation.
      Thread pointer: 0x0x0
      Attempting backtrace. You can use the following information to find out
      where mysqld died. If you see no messages after this, something went
      terribly wrong...
      stack_bottom = 0x0 thread_stack 0x48400
      The manual page at http://dev.mysql.com/doc/mysql/en/crashing.html contains
      information that should help you find out what is causing the crash.
      Writing a core file
      2016-08-18 14:00:08 67347952 [Note] /mnt/data/buildot/maria-slave/work-opensuse-amd64/build/sql/mysqld (mysqld 10.1.17-MariaDB-valgrind-max-debug) starting as process 13228 ...
      2016-08-18 14:00:08 67347952 [Warning] Could not increase number of max_open_files to more than 1014 (request: 4162)
      2016-08-18 14:00:09 67347952 [Note] Plugin 'BLACKHOLE' is disabled.
      2016-08-18 14:00:09 67347952 [Note] Plugin 'partition' is disabled.
      2016-08-18 14:00:09 67347952 [Note] Plugin 'ARCHIVE' is disabled.
      2016-08-18 14:00:09 403a5f0 InnoDB: Warning: Setting innodb_use_sys_malloc to FALSE is DEPRECATED. This option may be removed in future releases, together with the InnoDB's internal memory allocator.
      innodb_open_files should not be greater than the open_files_limit.
      2016-08-18 14:00:09 67347952 [Note] InnoDB: innodb_empty_free_list_algorithm has been changed to legacy because of small buffer pool size. In order to use backoff, increase buffer pool at least up to 20MB.

      encryption.innodb-page_encryption 'cbc,xtradb' w6 [ fail ]  Found warnings/errors in server log file!
              Test ended at 2016-08-18 14:11:59
      Attempting backtrace. You can use the following information to find out
      ^ Found warnings in /mnt/data/buildot/maria-slave/work-opensuse-amd64/build/mysql-test/var/6/log/mysqld.1.err
       - skipping '/mnt/data/buildot/maria-slave/work-opensuse-amd64/build/mysql-test/var/6/log/encryption.innodb-page_encryption-cbc,xtradb/'


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