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"Unreserve" MariaDB reserved keywords that are not reserved in the other databases



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      MariaDB has a number of unnecessarily reserved keywords that are not reserved neither in the SQL standard nor in the other databases. This makes migration to MariaDB harder, as the DBA has to rename tables, columns and other objects.

      LOCALTIMESTAMP is an example.

      This query:

      CREATE TABLE localtimestamp (a INT);

      works without problems in Oracle, but returns an error in MariaDB:

      ERROR 1064 (42000): You have an error in your SQL syntax...near 'localtimestamp ... 

      Under terms of this tasks, we'll find all keywords that are reserved in MariaDB but not reserved in the other databases and try to "unreserve" those that do not really have to be reserved.


        1. keywords_alias_mdb.sql
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          Jérôme Brauge
        2. keywords_alias_ora.sql
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          Jérôme Brauge
        3. keywords_label_mdb.sql
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          Jérôme Brauge
        4. keywords_label_ora.sql
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          Jérôme Brauge
        5. keywords_var_mdb.sql
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          Jérôme Brauge
        6. keywords_var_ora.sql
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          Jérôme Brauge
        7. keywords.xlsx
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          Jérôme Brauge

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