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Better Grid view for buildbot.mariadb.org




      For the MariaDB Buildbot we use a custom version of grid view. This is needed in order to ensure that we can only see builds from one branch (https://buildbot.mariadb.org/#/grid?branch=10.3). In the current form, as it can be seen in the attached image, the information can be quite dynamic and hard to see. So, the goal of this project is to better organise the grid view so that the information is clear.

      The information displayed is basically a matrix where the rows correspond to different builders and the columns to different revisions. Each pair (builder, revision) may have one or multiple builds that are displayed. The steps for cleaning up the grid view are:

      Step 1. Ensure only the latest build is shown.
      Step 2. Customise the grid view to ensure that everything is compact.
      Step 3. In case of multiple test failures, the grid view currently show the full list of tests. A better visualisation is needed to ensure that there isn't a very large amount of space occupied by showing all the tests. Ideally, a pop up should appear if the number of failing tests is too large.
      Step 4. Add the possibility to filter by tags. Each builder has a series of tags. In order to faster find something in the grid view, the possibility to filter by tags is needed. Similar to what happens when filtering buy the "Results" field as well as what happens in the waterfall view (https://buildbot.mariadb.org/#/waterfall).
      Step 5. Other improvements for buildbot interface (MDBF-102).

      Other comments:
      From sanja:
      I understood why it is so inconvenient to look on the new buildbot, it is " too dynamic", different number of rows and very different size of the cells, you can not used to what look where, could it be fixed?


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