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Need Documentation updates for Maxscale install recommendation



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      From the customers and support view, its not clear in the current document where it discuss's the recommended place to install and run Maxscale related to the Server Cluster.

      I have been working with 1 customer where they did a install where they install both Maxscale and the server software on the same server. This was done via help from our SE.

      The issue was investigated further and I was told that the following:

      "Though it is supported to run Maxscale on that same server as the Server software, we always recommend running only one critical service per server. Running both the database and maxscale on a single server leaves you with a single point of failure and means you'll have to watch out for memory contention between MaxScale and MariaDB Server. If these are separated you'll be less likely to encounter contention issues and recovering from any events would incur less downtime and be far simpler to repair."

      So this needs to be added to any documentation that explains install Maxscale and state it needs to be installed on a separate server that the Server software.




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