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postConfigure parameter numBlocksPct and totalUmMemory not applied in singlenode



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    • 1.4.1
    • 1.4.1
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    • CentOS 7 - 6571cafb4f9fff55a9a4cc147c4e19eb37b347f7
    • 2019-06


      The -totalUmMemory option crashes postConfigure and the -numBlocksPct option isn't applied in SingleNode / Standalone.
      We need both parameters for SkySQL to set the amount of memory manually.

      Both parameters work as expected for multi node deployments.

      [root@um1 jens]# postConfigure -x -xr -numBlocksPct 1024M -totalUmMemory 256M
      This is the MariaDB ColumnStore System Configuration and Installation tool.
      It will Configure the MariaDB ColumnStore System and will perform a Package
      Installation of all of the Servers within the System that is being configured.
      IMPORTANT: This tool requires to run on the Performance Module #1
      Prompting instructions:
              Press 'enter' to accept a value in (), if available or
              Enter one of the options within [], if available, or
              Enter a new value
      ===== Setup System Server Type Configuration =====
      There are 2 options when configuring the System Server Type: single and multi
        'single'  - Single-Server install is used when there will only be 1 server configured
                    on the system. It can also be used for production systems, if the plan is
                    to stay single-server.
        'multi'   - Multi-Server install is used when you want to configure multiple servers now or
                    in the future. With Multi-Server install, you can still configure just 1 server
                    now and add on addition servers/modules in the future.
      Select the type of System Server install [1=single, 2=multi] (2) > 1
      Performing the Single Server Install.
      Enter System Name (columnstore-1) >
      ===== Setup Storage Configuration =====
      ----- Setup Performance Module DBRoot Data Storage Mount Configuration -----
      Columnstore supports the following storage options...
        1 - internal.  This uses the linux VFS to access files and does
            not manage the filesystem.
        2 - external *.  If you have other mountable filesystems you would
            like ColumnStore to use & manage, select this option.
        3 - GlusterFS *  Note: glusterd service must be running and enabled on
            all PMs.
        4 - S3-compatible cloud storage *.  Note: that should be configured
            before running postConfigure (see storagemanager.cnf)
        * - This option enables data replication and server failover in a
            multi-node configuration.
      These options are available on this system: [1, 2, 4]
      Select the type of data storage (1) >
      Enter the list (Nx,Ny,Nz) or range (Nx-Nz) of DBRoot IDs assigned to module 'pm1' (1) >
      ===== Performing Configuration Setup and MariaDB ColumnStore Startup =====
      [root@um1 jens]# echo $?




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